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Who We Are

The majority of us graduated from Kenneth D. Wilbanks Academy in Brunswick, GA (go Cheetahs!) not that long ago. During our transition from high school to college, lots of strange, supernatural stuff started happening that caused us to become more united than we ever need to be. As a way to stay up on each other, we've created this site for us and for you. Check us out!

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Alright, here you're going to get all of our crazy thoughts and adventures as they happen. We'll try to keep it limited to the normal, but the paranormal just seems to be inextricably linked to us these days. Oh well. To whom much is given...
 EDIT: Beware, Ezekiel doesn't use capitals. - Coda

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Who Are You?

Okay, something brought you here. Either you're becoming one of us, you've been impacted by one of us, or you're just furious curious. Either way, you're here. Share with us whatever you want, ask us whatever questions you have, and then just stick around. Lots to see and lots to find out...

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THE LATEST: August 4th: Enter the Goodreads Giveaway for Lost: a Never novella for a chance to win a free copy of the fantasy adventure! Head over to the Lost landing page for the link!

July 22nd: Scissor is moved after a revisit with The Wiz and Michael Jackson's portrayal of the Scarecrow. See the source of his #DearBlackBoys tweets by reading the post here.

May 24th: Scissor has quite the geek moment. Share in it here.

May 14th: Desi says read it! Desi reviews Lost: a Never novella with her usual dash of humor and heart. Check it out!

May 6th: Lost is now available on paperback as well as Kindle! Grab your copy and support a great cause!

April 23rd: There's a new adventure on the horizon! C.S.R. "Scissor" Calloway is bringing a new band of heroes to a familiar fantasy world in Lost: a Never novella and it's for a good cause!


If you're interested in more stories set around Glynn County, check out the "en Cheeto" and "The Summer Falls Set" tabs at the top of this page! The adventures never stop, and you won't want them to! 

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