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Who We Are

The majority of us graduated from Kenneth D. Wilbanks Academy in Brunswick, GA (go Cheetahs!) not that long ago. During our transition from high school to college, lots of strange, supernatural stuff started happening that caused us to become more united than we ever need to be. As a way to stay up on each other, we've created this site for us and for you. Check us out!

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Alright, here you're going to get all of our crazy thoughts and adventures as they happen. We'll try to keep it limited to the normal, but the paranormal just seems to be inextricably linked to us these days. Oh well. To whom much is given...
 EDIT: Beware, Ezekiel doesn't use capitals. - Coda

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Who Are You?

Okay, something brought you here. Either you're becoming one of us, you've been impacted by one of us, or you're just furious curious. Either way, you're here. Share with us whatever you want, ask us whatever questions you have, and then just stick around. Lots to see and lots to find out...

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THE LATEST: February 25th: Draw us! Check out the awesome DeviantArt competition being put on by CSRC Storytelling and get your art on! Super prizes for your awesome talents.

November 5th: Time to rock out to the songs that are actually mentioned in Peculiar, INC! Crank up the speakers, grab your copy of the story, and take the musical ride to Jam City.

October 27th: There is a new link for Scissor's interview with Write Like A Wizard blogspot. Check out what he has to say about the Wilbanks Crew, and what he wants most from YOU!

October 9th: We've separated the galleries between Rico's awesome scenic photos and the submissions we've received from readers and supporters around the world. Both galleries are available under the new Image Conscious tab, and you can find the submissions under Cheetah Spots!


If you're interested in more stories set around Glynn County, check out the "en Cheeto" and "The Summer Falls Set" tabs at the top of this page! The adventures never stop, and you won't want them to!